MVM Future Talks

Crossing the boundaries of the future?

Be part of one of the most extraordinary scientific adventures!

As one of the most influential online science events in Hungary, MVM Future Talks will continue to explore the most burning questions in 2023.

Do you also want to save our planet as well? But how? Do you want to know what we need to do to save the world?

Do you want to know what happens to the billions of tons of waste produced every year and what we can do about climate change? Are you curious about the food we will eat in the future? Do you wish to know where we will get all the energy we need to survive? Are you wondering how transport will change and whether artificial intelligence could be the new solution or just another threat?

This year, MVM Future Talks will delve into the issues and problems facing the planet in seven exciting episodes.

Six essential topics, six famous ambassadors, six mini-documentaries from all around the world.

Well-known personalities will highlight the most important global issues affecting humanity and offer scientific solutions.

In the seventh and final episode of MVM Future Talks, three of the six documentaries - the global issues you consider the most pressing - will be discussed by the greatest scientists.

Learn more about the problems and solutions that will affect everyone's future. Vote and take action for our planet!

The Earth is no longer future-proof. Let's find out together how much more our planet can take and what we need to do to save it - the future is in your hands!

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